We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring our line-up of jigs to you via our secure online-store. Using these jigs and the information from our Tips and Tricks section, our current customers have found instantaneous success. Based on personal research and customer feedback, we have compiled an assortment of Rubber-Leg and Tinsel jigs that are sure to accommodate all fishing conditions. Click on the Rubber-Leg or Tinsel jig pictures below to view and order our variety of jigs. We also have a custom ordering section below that allows you to design your own favorite jig. Currently, all of our jigs are made on a 1/32oz. lead head, which is hand painted using durable Pro-Tek Powder Paint. We plan to offer different sizes in the near future. Be sure to check out the Pricing / Ordering page before ordering to check out our price breaks and other procedures.

Pricing Chart
Quantity OrderedPrice per Jig
1 thru 9 jigs$1.49
10 thru 19 jigs$1.24
20 or more jigs$0.99


These jigs are hand crafted with a long-lasting fabric chenille body, accompanied by 4 flexible rubber legs, creating a life-like movement through the water. Fish canಥsist the jigging motion of these lures. Donଥave home without out them! Order Now


On a bright and sunny day, the Tinsel jig is a must have. The flashabou accent skirt grabs the attention of surrounding fish as they glisten and sparkle while moving through the water. Order Now


Come check out our current specials. Please check back regularly for updates! Order Now


Here you will find items to help aid in your fishing experiences! Order Now


We are currently working on a tool for custom ordering. We realize that we might have missed your favorite color combination in our line-up, so feel free to email us at sales@troutjig.com with custom requests. Custom jigs are priced at $1.99 each. If 20 or more of the same custom jig is purchased, the price will be $0.99 each.


DISCLAIMER: All of our jigs are individually HAND-TIED, therefore giving each jig its own unique characteristics. The actual jigs may differ slightly from the photos presented on this site.

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